The CouchLand Coffee Story

It all started in Portland, Maine

Being from Southern California, going to Maine was a total game changer. Surprisingly, Portland is quite the coffee town, just like its sister, Portland, Oregon.

We searched far and wide, and just when we thought we found the perfect spot, someone else got it.

So, we looked some more, and couldn't find anything that fit our needs.

Orange County, California

We came back home, looking around, hoping that we can find something more suitable. We didn't find anything, except for high prices and small places. The palm trees were great, but not worth going bankrupt.

So, we kept our options opened and looked around some more.

Lakewood, Ohio

Some personal events lead us to look in Ohio, near Cleveland. So, we looked around. We saw Lakewood. A very happening, hipster town, but it was already saturated with tons of coffee shops.

Too bad. I grew up in Lakewood. I graduated from LHS. There was a new development coming up, but it wouldn't be for another 2 years. We kept looking.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

We looked at Coventry and Cedar Lee districts on the east side. They both seemed promising with a lot of foot traffic, but once again, we needed to find the perfect floor plan for the couches, and not too large to bust our budget. We knew a place like that existed and we almost had it.

The area was great, however, it also had coffee shops that we would have to compete with. With every up, we had downs too.

Solon, Ohio

So, we moved to Solon; mostly for my two boys. Good boys need good schools. We thought, why not open a shop where we live? Too bad prices are quite high and a bit out of our budget.

We found some places, but most of them needed a lot of renovation. The journey continued.

Wickliffe, Ohio

And then, we found it. The perfect Goldilocks place. The place already was a coffee shop once, and for some reason, the Universe handed us an amazing place already set up for serving coffee and things, and plenty of space where to place our couches.

The price was just right. The location was even in a different county. No other coffee shop for miles, and very accessible. The bonus was the drive-through.

We fell in love with it.